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The Airbid platform is designed to work for you the Travel Agent, to get business typically you need large Marketing and advertising budgets, websites. among other things to be relevant and competitive in this industry, we have leveled the playing field, we send you business, travelers post their trip on Airbid, you receive alerts, you bid on the trips, if you bid is selected, you win the bid and make the profit. The Traveler gets the lowest Airfare, The Travel Agent gets business they did not have, a win-win for all. Your Storefront without the cost of running the store

Recent Trips

These are trips submitted by travelers all over the world. Travel Agents can view and bid on these trips.Tips: The Flag shows the country the trip was submitted from, the countdown is the time in which the bidding will expire on the trip. Click on “Details” to see complete trip and associated bids.

How It Works

1Travelers World Wide post A Trip
2You make a Bid on the Trip
3You win the Bid

About AirBid

Airbid offers a new way for Travelers to buy Air Tickets and Hotels. Travelers post their trip, sit back and let the travel agents around the world bid on their trip.

Its a win-win situation. Travelers end up with the lowest airfares, without calling multiple travel agents or doing extensive online searching. Travel agents get business they did not have before, without spending on an expensive marketing campaign.