Please refer to the following frequently asked questions before you book a ticket.


+ Why use and not Kayak or Expedia?
While Kayak, Expedia and other sites offer preset Airfares. Airbid with its bidding format, lets Travel agent bid for your Trip, resulting in you the customer getting the cheapest Airfares,The purpose of is to create a Community of Travel agents worldwide who excel in their field and who can provide you with the Lowest airfares using their expertise.
+ How does this work?
Simply post your Trip on, Travel agents world wide will bid on your Trip, select the best flights and the lowest bid you like, make the Payment(secure ) and receive your Booking Confirmation and Ticket number.
+ is it safe to provide credit card information?
Yes as safe and secure as any other online site.
+ How reliable is the service?
Buying Air tickets online is a tried and tested model, on Airbid,com you are dealing with Travel Agencies that are accredited as well as non accredited. the payments you provide will be via Credit card or Paypal. so you are protected.
+ Are the travel agents accredited?
Yes they are,The purpose of is to create a Community of Travel agents who excel in their field and who can provide you their expertise.
+ Issues with your ticket.
We encourage you to review your Ticket for any Name, flight, date and time errors immediately ( typically within 24 hours) Most travel agencies are able to rectify any issues within this time period - always contingent on the seat, date and time being available.. after 24 hours the there will be fee associated with any changes and cancellations.
+ Why should I leave Reviews? is building a community of Travel Agents, Big, medium as well as the smaller Travel Agents (including the one operating from home) to showcase their talent and expertise. By leaving reviews you will ensure to Highlight the Talented Travel agents and in the process encourage the other Travel agents to polish their game in order to compete for your business and good reviews to be relevant

Travel Agent

+ How does this work?
Simply Visit, see the Trips posted by Travellers in Coach, Business Premium economy, select the the trip that peaks your interest, and bid on that trip( propose your best flight itinerary with the Airfare. the traveler sees your bid, if your proposed fare and itinerary suits the client, your bid will be selected and the client will send you the credit card details to book and issue the ticket, once you receive the card please issue the ticket and send to the customer (all this happens on
+ Why should I sign in?
To get Business as simple as this, is leavling the playing field, providing an opportunity for every travel agent to be relevantIts no secret, the big travel agencies have a large advertising budget and other resources like technology that makes it impossible for the medium and smaller travel agencies to be able to compete for business, Airbid provides you with the leads, simply reply with your proposal and make money, no making websites , no paying for PPC, no SEO , zero marketing dollars. its a no brainer.
+ Why do I need to sign the Docusign contract? charges a finders fee- the contract is put in place to ensure that gets the fee for the life of the contract ( as long as the Individual or the company keeps buying from the Travel Agency) - The Customer/Traveller is not paying any fee, we collect the fee from the Travel Agent.
+ How do you ensure the client is legitimate and credit card is not stolen?
Using our property technology we screen the Travelers/Client, ensuring the authenticity and validity of the client, but obviously you have to conduct your own due diligence.
+ What is your contact information?

About AirBid

Airbid offers a new way for Travelers to buy Air Tickets and Hotels. Travelers post their trip, sit back and let the travel agents around the world bid on their trip.

Its a win-win situation. Travelers end up with the lowest airfares, without calling multiple travel agents or doing extensive online searching. Travel agents get business they did not have before, without spending on an expensive marketing campaign.